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Farmers Market

If you are like me, then you are used to the Millwood Farmers Market just being on Dalton each Wednesday afternoon during spring and summer.

I do not think about all the work, both behind the scenes and on Wednesdays, to make the market event happen.

It is time for the behind the scenes work to begin for 2019, yet the seasons of life have changed for the people that would have been doing this work.  

So, it is time for a new market crew to form and start working.

This change of season for others has created an opportunity for several people with energy, experience and vision to help shape the market –as well as an opportunity for those folks that just like to get their hands dirty setting up and taking down an event.

This is an opportunity to invest in and further develop an event that is at the core of the Millwood community.

At our first meeting we were given the general details.  At our second meeting we determined to keep the same place and time: Wednesdays 3-7 pm on Dalton.

Our next Farmers Market Meeting will be posted soon.   We are going to try for an early morning meeting time. 

We are looking for a Market Manager.  Please email us at to find out more about this position.

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